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Quickly find the solutions needed to effectively compete in today's fast moving technology driven world.

Fast Launch Set Up

Select & Scale your cloud & telecom needs at rocket speeds

Security Solutions

Cyber threat mitigation, pin testing and managed services.

Expert team offering 24/7 Premium Support

You can reach our team day or night.

Word class On Boarding

Seamless quotes and ordering of tech systems for your company

Valuable Business Applications

Manage Voice, data, web apps, servers, CRM and ERP in one centralized location.

Cloud & Telecom Access Monitoring

Data driven management services.

Optimized Systems

All software and cloud services use technology that is optimized for speed.

Supplier Neutrality

Gain access to 100's of Business Class telecom, TV, VoIP and Cloud Vendors.

Database Migrations & Management

Set up, management and migration

Bridging the Gap between Business and Technology


Why is Cloud Brokerage Important for Business?

The telecommunications and cloud landscape can be confusing, time consuming and unnecessarily expensive.   Using our strategic relationships with over 350+ carriers and suppliers, Primary Hosting’s Cloud Brokerage platform enables you to find the right vendors, suppliers and carriers that meet your needs.

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Single Source Provider for All of Your Carrier, Supplier, SaaS License and Cloud Hosting requirements

Primary Hosting combines IT solutions, Marketing Tech and Telecom expertise to deliver you the optimal collaboration and network solutions to reach your business goals.

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Trusted Platform Gain unrivaled network architecture, speed, reliability and security with cloud brokerage.

Partner with a business that offers a robust selection of communications and data networks. Your job as CTO has never been easier.

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Become a Cloud Broker Join our Agent network to leverage cloud and telecom suppliers on demand!

All features, products and systems now designed for automation and ease of use. Find ways to monetize your base and gain new clients with cloud brokering

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FAQs about Primary Hosting

Don't speak tech? Don't worry!

The telecommunications and cloud landscape can be confusing, complex and time consuming for most business operators that do not speak the language of tech.  As your trusted IT and telecom management platform, we translate the web of complexities into a simplified dashboard designed to manage your company’s telephony and web needs in one place.

No longer must people face telecom and web alone, utilize our cloud broker automation platform to consolidate 100’s of carriers to 1 supplier.  Working alongside your business, our trusted supplier neutral professionals grant you access to 100’s of carriers using our cloud brokerage platform.  Supplier Neutrality, APIs and Proxy support with over 300 suppliers ensure we can offer multiple options optimized for your business needs.

How We Work:

We have designed a step by step on-boarding methodology that ensures that our cloud broker services best suit your needs and requirements.  We will:

  • Learn your business structure, products, services and goals
  • Run analysis on your current IT, Telecom and Web infrastructure
  • Pair you with an internal cloud broker professional
  • Educate our clients on tech, on an as needed basis
  • Order, Launch. Manage and Visualize all services and products
  • Determine all connectivity and product options for your business
  • Provide access to multiple carrier quotes, systems, and product requests
  • Implement, Mange orders, contacts and support for selected solutions
  • Stay on call 24/7 to assist in handling all customer service issues and escalations
  • Become an integrated part of your business processes

About Primary Hosting

We design and deliver IT, web and telecom solutions and services that help organizations execute on their strategic goals.  We focus on the successful implementation of unique solutions based upon listening, analyzing and providing the right recommendations, solutions, and services for your business need.  We are here to provide supplier access and transparency like never before.

What products are offered in the Cloud Brokerage System?

Voice:  Local, Long Distance, Call Center, and Hosted PBX

Internet:  Fiber, Cable, Satelite and Wireless

Network Services and Data Center Solutions

Computer Equipment including IoT

Marketing and Ad Tech

Security Services

Cloud Servers and Apps

Energy Solutions

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Why work with Primary Hosting?

Primary Hosting’s Cloud Broker Platform enables users to control their business’s digital technology from one place. Leverage our platform to become more productive and competitive online. We offer customizable cloud management solutions designed to meet the needs for data driven IT everywhere.  When partnering with Primary Hosting you are offered:

– Experienced knowledgeable professionals
– Detailed systems requirements analysis
– Unbiased vendor selection
– A single point of contact
– Multiple carrier options
– Enterprise Cloud Automation

Does Primary Hosting offer phone, web meeting and customer support?

Yes! Phone and live chat is offered by Primary Hosting for pre-sales and any support and post launch issues.   We offer email, support ticket and live chat options with the ability to schedule personal demos as well as join in on group webinars.  For certain packages we offer complete remote support with certificated professionals and partners.  We have a robust social community and knowledgebase, where you can get help from the community, moderators and staff members.

Email the CEO:  admin@primary.hosting       Call the CEO:  1-646.770.4008

Marketing and Ad Tech as a Utility!

Combining cloud services and professional software with marketing and ad tech makes sense and is easy to do using our Cloud Brokerage platform.

What is a Cloud Brokerage System?

Our Cloud Brokerage Platform empowers people to leverage best in class suppliers by bridging the gap between telecom, cloud technology, business requirements and budget.

Complete automation of APIs and open source web apps enable businesses to innovate at speeds not achievable by traditional tech companies and implementation cycles.   The system is designed to assist in the management of quotes, licenses, seats and systems for businesses that find it difficult to account for cloud and telecom vendors.

We can serve over 90 countries by working with telecom providers.  We provide a full line of products including Voice, TV, Internet, Hosting, Managed Services, Cyber Security, Wireless Mobility, and more.  Lerverage our platform for direct access to Carriers and Suppliers managed by one cloud management platform.  Utilize Cloud Brokering first to gain fast, accurate and efficient quotes for complex requirements from multiple vendors.

Whether you have one location or 5,000 globally, Primary Hosting’s App Brokerage System is an elegantly simple way to manage, maintain, and monetize your digital footprint.

Freedom at your fingertips.
Cloud Brokerage can transform your marketing!

Automation designed for modern business.


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